New DEN Educators

Once again, it is my pleasure to introduce another group of outstanding teachers, Media Specialists, and Technology Coordinators from Illinois who have recently been accepted as members of the Discovery Educator Network:

Lori Abrahams:  Lori is the Information Specialist at Frederick School in Grayslake, Illinois. She has held a number of leadership roles as an active member of the Illinois Computing Educators organization, the Northern Illinois Computing Educators chapter, and many other state technology programs.

Cynthia Andrews:  Cynthia is a teacher and Media Specialist at Morton Junior High School in Morton, Illinois, and for many years has played an important role is the creation of computer labs and development of staff development initiatives in the Morton schools.

Melanie Corn:  Melanie teaches 1st Grade at Washington Grade School in Robinson, Illinois. As a Smart Technology Exemplary Educator, she has found many innovative ways to incorporate unitedstreaming resources with the SmartBoard technologies that she and other teachers in her school use in their classrooms.

Kim Darche:  Kim is the technology coordinator at the St. John Fisher School in Chicago and works with teachers to help them to learn how to use software and to infuse digital multimedia resources into their curriculum materials, Kim also conducts training workshops in other Chicago schools.

Patricia Dunlap:  Patricia is the Technology Coordinator at Harvard Elementary School in Chicago and has developed some creative and effective ways to help students integrate unitedstreaming clips into personal biographical projects and even conflict resolution situations.

Kristi Gray:  Kristi teaches with Melanie at Washington Grade School and brings her expertise with unitedstreaming and SmartBoard technologies into her 2nd grade classroom. She frequently supplements her lessons with digital multimedia resources to reinforce concepts and introduce new topics to her students.

Bettylynne Gregg:  Bettylynne is the Technology Director in the Sycamore Community Unit School District and works with teachers at all grade levels. Among other projects, she has created WebQuests and has developed a variety of professional development programs for her staff members.

Martin Hobbs:  Martin teaches science and technology at East Peoria Community High School and frequently uses multimedia resources to increase student interest and involvement in his classroom projects. He uses his own curriculum webpage to share resources with his students.

Brian Hunger: Brian teaches 5th Grade in Naperville District 203 and has been active in developing classroom projects in which his students create original video projects and digital stories using iMovie and a variety of digital video resources including unitedstreaming video clips.

Lisa Miller: Lisa currently teaches in a 6th-8th grade Cross Categorical Special Education classroom at Bethel Grade School in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. She is an enthusiastic proponent of both unitedstreaming and SmartBoard resources and has used both in her social studies and science lessons.

Mary Sais:  Mary is a social studies teacher at Kankakee High School who believes that the effective use of instructional technology resources is essential in her efforts to take her students beyond the textbook as they explore world cultures. Her project titled “China Challenge” is representative of her innovative use of digital resources. 

Richard Schroeder:  Richard teaches social studies at Barrington Middle School and has National Board Certification for his subject area. Like many Discovery Educators, he has developed effective units that integrate unitedstreaming digital resources as a part of his online courses.

Congratulations to each of these new Discovery Educators. If you would like more information about the DEN, please contact me and I will send you some additional information and application materials. Remember that the names of all people who apply to become members and are accepted no later than November 14, 2005, will be entered into a drawing for an InFocus LCD projector to be awarded at the upcoming IETC 2005 Technology Conference in Springfield.


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