Melissa Spencer

Spencer_1I teach chemistry at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa.  This is my fourth year of teaching, all at North, but I started with teaching the 9th grade general science class before moving on to chemistry last year.  I integrate technology and multimedia resources into my curriculum as often as possible.  Unfortunately, our district and state have been beleaguered by financial situations, and technology funding has been severely cut.  However, we do have a fabulous wireless laptop cart that I take advantage of whenever I can.  My curriculum is built around student choice, and I always offer a variety of multimedia options to ensure they have opportunities to experience technology.  I teach at a high school where the population is about 45% minority and 61% qualify for free-reduced lunch.  Many of these students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, so having them use technology in their education gives these students more confidence in their school and helps them feel more valued, plus it prepares them for life in a high-tech society!


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