Final Thoughts from T+L2

Not to be missed at this convention was the number of DEN educators, field managers, and keynote speakers who presented.  A winning combination hailing from DEN MI, field manager Kristin Furdak and Sue Summerford, scholarship winner, really packed them in for Using Web Logs (Blogs) In and Out of the Classroom.  Their PowerPoint presentation is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen and lays out in user-friendly fashion an easy transition into blogging.  I came to this session wanting to learn how to set up a district-approvable blog for my students and I left good to go, with two new friends and superb resources. 

Then there’s Jannita Demian, California Manager, and Lance’s good friend and rival.  She really wants to beat Lance [it’s personal, Lance, she said to say] in the East-West competition.  Jannita is as colorful as her blogging.  You have to check it out.  Her session, 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming, brought on the now familiar Fire Marshall sign, and still they packed in—at 7:30 in the morning.  She was better than a Java jolt from Starbucks, and a lot funnier too.  Using pre-portal examples from DEN educators, Jannita gave examples of cutting edge uses of unitedstreaming integration at all grade and subject levels, proving that those harder to integrate [math and science, lower primary and primary] can be done expertly.  I’m guessing that she exceeded 50 ways, but it’s hard to count and impossible to take notes when she presents—she’s far too engaging and entertaining, a hallmark of all the DEN presenters I saw. 

Contest, anyone?  Jannita challenged DEN educators to recruit 20 new members.  The first three [from any state] to recruit 20 will get a full-day program with Hall Davidson [copyright guru but does a wicked Digital Storytelling workshop] and her.  Trust me, you do want to win this one, and you get to pick the program.  I have two recruits in and two more coming, so if anyone in PA is close to 20, I’ll throw mine in so you can get the program.  All’s fair in East-West competition.  Just let me know.

One parting thought about the convention.  Discovery flew top execs to the conference Thursday to have us “report out” about unitedstreaming—what’s hot and what’s not.  We were honest, but I doubt we covered it all.  So tell us what you think so Lance can forward the information:

What can be improved in unitedstreaming?
What do you like and want kept?
What would you like to see changed? 

They really listen in this part of corporate America, and you just have to love them for it. 


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  1. Paula Giran said:

    I have been using United Streaming in my classroom for about 2 months now. It has really excited the students. They enjoy using the clipart features and love the online quizes. One of the drawbacks to it deals with the search feature. Sometimes, your search term is very specific, yet brings up hundreds of results. This is because it includes every video that has any part of the search word in the summary. For people who have a hard time narrowing down the search field, it can be very frustrating. Overall, the service is wonderful. It helps bring the lessons alive!

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    You inspire me! I’m glad I succeeded in being the Java Jolt everyone needed at 7 a.m. Thanks for all the laughs and reminding us what this network is all about!

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