Cupertino School District Gets a Jump Start

This afternoon I was able to spend 2 hours with 15 terrific educators from Cupertino District.  Donna Axelson and the unitedstreaming implementation rep, set up this training that allowed these teachers to get their school start up kits which included posters, user guides, post it notes, and a variety of other resources. I was able to give an overview of unitedstreaming and integration strategies with these teachers. 

Dsc00824 Dsc00826 Donna_1


After discussing the benefits of the Discovery Educator Network, such as sharing projects, connecting with other teachers nation wide,  receiving additional resources and presents, invitations to Discovery Educator Events, 3 educators just couldn’t wait to fill out their applications.  They filled it out right there on the spot! 

Congratulations to the first 3 Cupertino DEN Educators, Chris, Reggi, and Shashi!

Chris_reggi Sharma


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