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Have you received your unitedstreaming Resource Guide?!?  I asked that question today at 2 of my trainings.  Mark, pulled a magazine off his table and asked “This one?” as he held up a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. J  Mark_resource_1 Which provided us all the great mid day laugh that was needed.  Later that afternoon, I asked the same question and to my surprise one of Discovery’s newest DEN members Chris pulled out his copyChris_resource_1  Now, depending on your mood and how long the day has been, Cosmo might be a good read, but if you are looking for more integration strategies, great articles, and stories for teachers just like yourself, then you may want to check out our resource guide.  You can find the link to get a digital copy on the Discovery Educator homepage.  This month one of our very own CA DEN members, Brian Talmadge, has an article titled “Integration Station: Igniting the Fire of Learning.  Thanks Mark and Chris for making me smile keeping me on my toes today J  I couldn’t wait to post these great pictures of you!

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