Region 11 Day of Discovery (& Ice)

What a day!  I can honestly say these Region 11 folks are AWESOME!  Over 80 people attended our Day of Discovery (despite the forecast of severe weather!)  Great presentations!  Fabulous food!  And the best Educators!  There were presentations on digital story telling, Movie Maker, integration, and more!  We had to make a little adjustment to the schedule of presentations so we could make it home safely!  Thanks to all of the presenters from Region 11 area (I will be updating with the list of names soon!).  Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Kayla Steiner – the most awesome Region 11 Consultant who made this day possible.  Cimg0355_1Cimg0356 Cimg0358 Copy_of_lunch2 Copy_of_lunch3 Copy_of_lunch

Cimg0365Many new ideas were shared that day!  What did you learn from your workshops?  Have you applied to the Discovery Educator Network yet?


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  1. Betsy Ruffin said:

    Well, I was one of the brave souls that came for Region 11’s Day of Discovery. It was well worth the trip. Even cut short, I learned much from the sessions I attended. I applied to the DEN that night and am awaiting the arrival of the kit. We are doing a training in January on use of United Streaming, hoping to encourage more to use this wonderful resource.

  2. Bea said:

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference! That’s the first time I’ve ever been disappointed that we got out early! It was worth braving the weather and sliding back to the parking lot. I would like to
    be contacted again if you have other workshops.

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