Getting it Wright…

Today’s students must devlelop strong higher order thinking and and sound reasoning skills to compete in our global society. One of the skills NCREL’s enGauge framework identifies as a 21st Century Skill INVENTIVE THINKING skill is the ability to “Identify the essential elements in a problem as well as the interaction between those elements; use electronic tools to facilitate analysis.”

This past November’s Thanksgiving family vacation to Nags Head, North Carolina gave me the opportunity to learn more about two of our country’s great examples of truly inventive thinkers — the Wright Brothers!

Have you shared the Wright Brother’s story with your students yet?

Their incredible story of dedicated problem solving and can-doOrville_wilbur attitude resolving the challenge of manned powered flight is honored at the Wright Brothers National Memorial near the town of Kill Devil Hills, NC. Here amidst the steady winds and wide open spaces history was made on December 17, 1903!

The Wright brothers used a similar research and information organization process used in classrooms — the KWL chart.

  • What do we KNOW?
  • What do we WANT to know?
  • What did we LEARN ?

Inspiration’s concept mapping /graphic organizing tool would have been a super tool for Orville and Wilbur if only computers would have been available in early 1900’s! Inspirationwright_1

Be sure to tap unitedstreaming’s video resources on the Wright Brothers — see The Story of the Wright Brothers – From Kites to Kitty Hawk” or
Science Investigations Physical Science: Investigating Motion, Forces and Energy or Scientific Method: The Wright Brothers and the Challenge of Flight! And check out this very helpful Wright Brothers lesson plan


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