Skating…Caroling… and Laughing all the way!

Well, first I must begin by thanking you all for sending me all sorts of warm wishes during my excursion to Maryland.  It must have helped because it actually warmed up to 40 degrees!  But I am sure what you will find most amusing was that I actually went ice-skating in an outdoor rink!  You’ll be proud to know that I spent the entire time upright on the ice and even managed to bust a few moves… or if that is what you call it… I did little spinners… even did the ballerina pose with my hands above my head! The definite highlight of the night was watching Bob Patterson of Discovery Health Connection (definitely check out this new Discovery product… it’s terrific… you can sign up for a 30 day trial) skate for the first time!  Many applause to him for also staying upright and not giving up. 

The evening only got better, when later that night when we made the brave move to surprise Discovery Education’s Vice President Melanie by caroling at her house…. Imagine a tour bus pulling up in front of your home at 10:00 p.m.  So, as Hall and I led the “choir” a huge Doberman pincher barked wildly at the door and a woman we did not recognize answered. Can you believe 30 of us started singing at the wrong house?!?!  She lived next door and watched laughing on her front porch as we all belted out Jingle Bells.  To say the least it was a night we will always remember. Bob_patterson

Ta_da Den_skating Hall_skating


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  1. Steve Dembo said:

    One of my favorite moments was you being so excited to be able to see your breath in the cold that you kept trying to take a picture of it! If it didn’t come out, you’re welcome to come visit Chicago and try again 😉

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Steve- It’s the simple things in life! And apparently everyone now knows that it doesn’t take much to excite me 🙂 Thanks, but I’ll stay here in Sunny Southern California… although it did cool down to about 60 today… brrr!

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