The Ellipse

Oh Cali Tree… Oh Cali Tree… How lovely are your branches! 

So… in between bundling up, marathon meetings, and my escapades on the ice we were able to visit The Ellipse.   This is a circular park, nestled between the White House and the Washington Monument that is home to the National Christmas Tree.  The added treat to this park is that each state has a tree that is decorated by its’ state representative.

National_tree National_tree_surrounded


So Hall and I set off in search of California’s tree.  Hall_and_jannita

We made sure to stop along the way to take pictures of the Washington State_of_washingtonWashington_tree (decorated with beautiful glass blown bulbs) and Colorado State_of_colorado (decorated with kids drawings Colorado_tree_peace and words of peace) trees for our more remote DEN members. 

We also were able to see Louisana’s tree.  Because of the hurricane, each state donated one ornament to their tree.  California had one in honor of Hollywood of course. 


Can you believe ours was one of the last trees we found?!? Each ornament represented a different part of California.  There were ones from San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, the Redwoods, etc.  It was amazing and such an incredible experience.   

State_of_california  California_treeJapan_town_ornament


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  1. Jennifer Jensen said:

    WOW! The Ellipse looks like a fun place. Thanks for looking up the Colorado tree! I didn’t realize they had all the state Christmas trees…I bet all together they were gorgeous.
    Happy New Year!

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