Meet your Tech Team

Okay… so you have heard me sing praises of your incredible Implementation (aka Tech) team, so I thought I would let some of you put faces to the names you have seen on emails or voices you have spoken with over the phone. 

Implementation_1  From Left to Right (Lisa Rice, Craig Halper, Monika Davis, Me, Rhonda Underhill, Brandon Henderson) … we missed Lindsay and Sheri that day… no worries.. we’ll take another "family" picture end of January when I go back again 🙂

We are so lucky to have an incredible Implementation Team.  They are available to answer and help solve any of your tech problems or provide additional integration trainings through webinars.  To contact them via phone call  800-323-9084, but remember they are on East Coast time. 

If you have any unitedstreaming tech questions feel free to post them here and we will do our best to answer them.


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