Team DEN

After my awesome visit with the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team at the Grand Prix of Cycling in San Francisco, I thought about all the wonderful qualities displayed by the members of the Pro team… I posted much about this at the time but have since thought about how I could bring the lessons of cycling and this great team back to my distrcit, FUSD and school, Dorothy Grant Elementary School where I am the principal. 

I began talking with Jannita Demian and Hall Davidson of Discovery Education and several of the members of the Pro Team.  I wanted to form a group of educators who cycle and have the desire to introduce children into this great sport.  A number of us at FUSD began to informally meet and cycle…mainly cycle…. 🙂 and began discussing what that would look like…..We decided to call this club, Team DEN….

We see this as a club that cycles for fun, fitness and personal discovery.  We would ride to inspire young people with the message that riding is about enjoying the journey and finishing… much like what we do in life.  We would be a club of finishers.  We would bring the message to our students that school is about finishing, enjoying the process and staying fit.  Our misson would be simply to inspire young people to enjoy the adventure of cycling…..Our goals would be to get children on bikes riding safely in our communities and to teach the wonderful lessons embedded in this great sport.

My colleague, Miki McCabe, principal of Porter Elementary School, independently organized a club with her students.  She and some of her faculty ride with their students after school regularly.  Porter Elementary School is conveniently situated next to a city bike trail. So the adventure begins for both of us. 

With what I am doing at Grant and what Miki is doing at Porter, we are planting the seed in our district to engage students and staff to go outside and ride and most importly actively engage in life. We are hoping that Discovery Education will help us grow and spread this idea through out our district.  We are hoping the Pro Team and the DEN will get invovled with us and share the great lessons that can be learned from what they do….Ifeel we owe it to our profession but most importantly our childern…..

Team DEN has the vision of doing some longer cycling tours with adults and children that take us out of our city so that our students can really learn what it means to travel across the landscape under their own power as we watch the horizon slowly unfold.  We want to get out into our communities and connect and spread the word of what the DEN is all about….

I would love to hear about other educators who are doing what Miki and I are doing.  Maybe we can meet on the road……


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