From Tickets to Tights…. My day with Mark!

I was finally able to take another journey up north to visit DEN Member Mark from Ceres School District this past week.  What an adventure I had with him.  In fact, so far it’s my best travel story yet.

When I arrived early for my site visits, Mark and I decided to meet Susan, another DEN member for lunch.  Being the gentleman that he is, he took the “scenic” route so that we could drive by some of the newer sites.  As we chatted it up, we fell into one of those lovely police speed traps… know what I mean?!?  2 motorcycle cops waiting patiently on the corner for us to drive by…. Do you see where I am heading…

Poor mortified Mark pulled over as I fished through the glove box for the registration.  Can you believe he has never been pulled over for a speeding ticket… and apparently he is known for driving really slow!  While the “nice” cop was writing out our ticket, his partner politely pulled over the next car driving down the road…. Guess it was quota making day!

Nice_policemanAs he walked back to the car our “nice” police officer noticed yet another car whizzing up the road and promptly jumped in the middle of the road, stopped that car and told them to, “Pull over! You’re Next”  2 cops, 2 minutes, and 3 cars… Amazing! (note to self… if you see a cop writing a ticket… it does not mean he is too busy to jump out in front of your car and pull you over too!)

As it turns out, our “nice” police officer had mercy on us after finding out we work with the schools and gave him a warning. (I am not thinking it turned out as nice for the other car!)  But of course I couldn’t pass the moment without taking a picture!  I have a framed color copy of the ticket in my office now!


What a day it was!  But you have to check out Mark’s  for Open Court Resources.  His district is doing lots of creative work to make teaching this curriculum more exciting.

I am sure you are wondering about the tights story… but that’s all I have room for tonight.  Plus it will be fun to make Mark wait and wonder if I’ll post that funny story.

Thanks Mark for an incredible laughter filled day!


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  1. Jutti said:

    LOL! Sorry about the ticket! It reminds me of when I lived in Fairfax (Marin County). Fairfax had little in the way of tax generated funds.

    We were the first town people drove through as they came down the highway over country roads. A big source of income was our speed trap.

    Someone decided to contest their ticket. Our radar gun was tested. Trees were clocked at 50mph. A building was doing 80! BIG scandal. We had to buy a new radar gun!


  2. Michele Mower said:

    I tried to access the Open Court website, but the link does not work. I will try to Google it, but if you could post a new link, it would be very helpful.

  3. Maria said:

    Have you seen Open Court they have tons of material though to suppport the Open Court Reading program.

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