Spanish Class in Ceres

Mark_and_careySusan_and_jannita La Morenita is the place Ceres teachers hold their Spanish Class.  The subjects covered… enchiladas, tacos, salsa… and we even managed to fit in some talk of technology.  A BIG thanks, to DEN member Susan for organizing a great dinner with the unitedstreaming POWERUSERS of Ceres School District.  Another HUGE thanks to Carey, Supervisor of Technology, for being such an evangelist of unitedstreaming, making sure that her entire district got the program.

Prior to attending, I assumed that everyone would know each other, but found that many of the teachers had never met before, so to say the least it was an exciting night of networking.  We started the evening by sharing what they loved and didn’t about unitedstreaming… yes, it’s just as important to discuss what’s not working as it is to discuss what is. (For those of you who are wondering what those topics were… one of the main ones was the search engine.  No fears… product development is here! (Hooray Shelley and Kim!) You will see a new search engine released in the next couple months! And of course we all want more videos on different types of topics and that is coming your way also)

I really enjoyed hearing them share all their “Aha” moments. Those lessons when students think they’ve seen plankton swimming in the water and describe it as the size of their shoe… unitedstreaming to the rescue on that one.  Or when a teacher had a story in her LA curriculum that talked about a marble competition… unitedstreaming saved the day on that one also.  One educator teaches a SCD class and uses unitedstreaming to teach social and life skills, and other topics she has no current curriculum for. (On a side note… make sure you check out Discovery Health Connection, our newest digital curriculum product that includes lesson plans, handouts, and videos. You can sign up for a 30 Day free trial and Feel free to post any of your Aha moments in our "Aha" blog.  Some will be written up in our unitedstreaming Resource Guide.) 

And of course, no group goes without 1 Naughty Boy… and the winner is Stewart!  He kept me on my toes for the evening and provided us all with some good laughs.  My hat is off to his wife Kristy, another teacher in Ceres.  J

Overall is was a great evening and I am pleased to announce California’s newest little DEN Cluster in Ceres.  I look forward to having a few more Spanish Classes in Ceres!

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