Sharon is one of the lucky teachers in Ceres. She works at a brand new site that is blessed with LCD mounted projectors in every room…. (Seriously, how many of our are envious… me… me.. me..)  The day I came in I was able to watch Sharon and her 2nd graders during a lesson about water.  She used the unitedstreaming video titled “Water A First Look”  The first thing I noticed is that she streamed the entire video clip!  No bandwidth issues in Ceres… I was impressed!  J (For many of you streaming may cause your video to freeze… this is caused by too much internet activity at the time… so try downloading it first) I really enjoyed watching her students draw and write sentences in their “Science Journals” about what they saw in the movie.  It’s a great way to keep students engaged and allow them to take notes, even as early as 2nd grade!  After the movie, she asked the students a series of questions of which several hands went shooting up.  She even allowed them time to ask questions about what they saw in the movie.  My favorite question was by a little boy who wanted to know where the water goes from the puddles when it disappears. I see another unitedstreaming video in his future 🙂

Check out the pictures below to find other terrific things I saw while walking around, which include a puzzle to track daily attendance (each student has their name on  puzzle piece and they place it together in the morning… have you all heard of Bare Books… it’s a great store that has bare books, puzzle pieces, and much more) and a show kindness tracking sheet  (She used one of those poster charts and students would create kindness categories. When they accomplish that goal they get a sticker.  Some categories include help your parents with work, surprise someone, play with someone who is alone, share a smile, and help someone who is hurt)

Thanks Sharon for opening up your class for all of us to look in! Watervideo

Puzzle2 I_know_the_answer Science_journal Kindness_tracking Puzzle1


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  1. Sharon Jeffrey said:

    Yes we are enjoying the brand new technology in the classroom!!!! It is such a fantastic opportunity to create realia right from a clip or a picture as real as life!

    Jannita, it was a great pleasure to meet you and learn some of the new things that can be done with united streaming (like adding clips to power point presentations).

    Thank you for your kind words and the great new ideas! I will look forward to collaborating with other DEN members!


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