Visualization through video iPods… Who doesn't want a video iPod?!

I had the pleasure of spending a day last week with Mary Fitzwater, Apple Education Executive, who helped acquaint me with the video iPod, enhanced podcasting, and some great resources we all will enjoy.

Wow… the video iPods have amazing video quality, clarity, ease of use and the potential use instructionally in the classroom is amazing. I can not wait to purchase one of my own. Mac World is this week in San Francisco and Mary is on hand in the Apple booth and conference sessions.  I am going to hold off until after this conference is over in case Mary has any hot news for me that would impact my purchase. Cimg1468

Can you image what the future brings when we integrate these visualization and multiple intelligence-based tools into the classroom?   

Being a former MS science teacher & instructional technologist who worked with many science teachers enjoying high tech visualization tools, an example of using video iPods in science came to mind instantly.   How about combining the use of a Proscope (or other brand) digital microscope with your video iPods… capture your recent science experiment /demonstration images, create a synced slide show with narration and, instead of the traditional quiz, use a hand-held digital media quiz! The power of visualization through iPods and other similar tech tools makes for a high impact and fascinating instructional tool! You could do the same with any classroom field trip images for quick review and assessment!

As a side note…science teachers – be sure to check out the Center for Image Processing in Education (CIPE) which provides you with much support for integrating visualization, digital imagery and manipulation through NIH or Scion software.

Or why not create a primary resource Civil War (or any other historical period) synced slide show from the many unitedstreaming digital image library images. Cimg1472Have students create their own audio interpretation as an activity addressing visual literacy! Student teams could easily exchange video iPods and discuss their interpretations and peer review one another’s work.

How do you plan to use video iPods in the classroom?

I was disappointed to find less than 50 hits when I did a Google search on video ipods in the classroom (of course, I could have tried more variations on the keywords…) but much to my delight I tried my favorite clustering search engine, and found a great deal more hits displayed in a well, organized categorized display! I LOVE that Clusty!!!  You can do targeted searches such as blog only searching.  And whose cool blog hit was in the list? None other than our own Steve Dembo, DEN Online Community Manager…how cool is that!  Clustyandipods_1

Be sure to check out Hall Davidson’s end of year posting on using video iPods and unitedstreaming where you will also find a great PDF handout on downloading unitedstreaming clips and converting them via QuickTime Pro for use on your video iPod and other GREAT links!

Here are the resources that really caught my eye and ear that Mary shared with me!

School Web sites sharing and showcasing use of iPods instructionally:
1. Mabry Middle School Podcasts – Cobb County School District, Marietta, Georgia:
2. Radio Willow Web – Willowdale Elementary School – Omaha, Nebraska

Tools for producing your podcasts:
1. Podcast Maker – ($30 / free trial) – (Mac OSX10.3.9 or higher) full-featured podcasting tool which includes enhanced podcast, RSS, content, preview, metadata.
2. Chapter Tool Me – (free) – (requires Mac OSX 10.3.9) – very helpful tool for creating visual GUI chaptered interface for ACC files.
3. Podcast AV – (free) – (requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Quicktime 7) – create enhanced podcasts by adding links and pictures to your podcasts!

Mary and I also talked media management and organization as our own collection of multimedia artifacts is expanding exponentially these days and yours are too! Many of us have lots of choices for organizing media but iTunes provides a free comprehensive tool for keeping your images, audio, and audio files organized on both Windows and Mac platforms.  How are you keeping your media files organized?  Any tips or tricks to share? 

If you have thoughts on instructional uses of video iPods SHARE them!

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  1. Keith Schroeder said:

    This is exciting. We were poised to purchase some ipods for the LMC and have just started to play with podcasting – and then you add video! This is really neat. I think having the possibility for video too is awesome. Now we need to rethink our recommended purchase to include video capability!

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