Who needs an LCD Projector Anyways

Just how do you overcome the obstacle of not having a t.v. or an LCD projector?  Just ask Karen. She enlightened me with the most creative way to show unitedstreaming that I have seen so far.  She began by separating the class into “expert groups.”  Each group would be responsible for taking notes on one particular Native American tribe and then reporting back to the class. She chose the unitedstreaming movie “Native Americans: Early Heritage” because it went perfectly with her Harcourt Brace Social Studies book.

I was a little skeptical at first when she sent 4 students to different computers that were lined up side-by-side and the rest of the class gathered on the floor behind them.  Under strict instructions not to touch anything until the call was given, students sat quietly.  “One, two, three” and then they all hit the “S” button (stream) at the same time.  Yes, I saw unitedstreaming in stereo surround sound for the first time… same movie clip, 4 computers, one set of speakers, and all going at the same time.  Now this could have been a disaster… but amazingly all the movies were pretty close to being on cue.  She used one set of speakers and her 30 5th grade students watched intently the screen of their choice.  AMAZING! 

Thanks Karen for showing us creative ways to overcome these obstacles and reminding us to think big!

K_teaching Get_set Native_americans Ss_book_and_us_sheet Think_big


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