ICE Classroom Video Contest

The deadline for submissions to the Classroom Video Contest 2006 sponsored by the Illinois Computing Educators organization is coming up in the next few days. Just a reminder that if you and your students have created an original video that you would like to enter into the competition, all entry materials must be postmarked no later than Monday, January 16. If you are interested in having students from your high school serve as judges for this competition, please contact Joe Brennan, an Illinois DEN member who serves as the Visual Literacy Facilitator in Niles Township High School District 219.

The purpose of this program is to recognize Illinois teachers and their students for outstanding use of video media to effectively support teaching and learning in grades K-8. All contest entries will be judged by high school students throughout the state.

Winning teachers and their participating students will be recognized during the opening session at the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators (IL-TCE) 2006, be presented with a plaque of recognition from Illinois Computing Educators, receive classroom resources including Director in the Classroom and a FREE subscription to unitedstreaming, and receive a digital camera for use in the classroom.

For more detailed information and an application form, click here or visit the Illinois Computing Educators website and view the application materials and evaluation rubric in PDF format. The ICE Classroom Video Contest is a great program, but time is drawing short so get your entries in now.


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