Winners… Winners… Winners

Okay… so this pretty much takes rank as one of my best days as a Discovery employee… it makes all those late nights very much worth it… On, Monday I played Santa… okay… maybe a late Santa, but I am sure these “kids” didn’t mind.

RuthMy day began with the trek out to Redlands Christian School to give our first CUE scholarship to DEN member Ruth Verhoef.  How wonderful that her next class she was doing a web quest using unitedstreaming… how’s that for perfect timing. I loved watching peoples expressions change from what’s going on… to sheer excitement! 

Marie_2 On the road again, to Solorio Elementary (Etiwanda) where DEN member Marie Forst received the second CUE scholarship.  Again.. what timing I had… she had just walked in to the computer lab with her students.  It took her a second to process that I was actually standing at her door and when she found out why… let’s just say there was lots of jumping up and down. 

Ray_and_jannitaOff I was again, to Centennial Highschool (Corona Norco) to pop in on DEN member Ray Waller.  His principal and secretary accompanied me down to his room, what great fun to see the expression when all 3 of us came walking in. His students didn’t seem to mind the break from working either.  And how’s this for an exit… He’s also the golf coach for the school and I tripped over his golf clubs on the way out! Way to go Jannita!  My husband, a huge golf fan, got a real kick out of that one! 

All of these DEN members entered our ticket contest by posting projects, referring new DEN members, and completing several DEN events. This was so much fun… expect another contest soon!



With one more stop, I headed to Lincoln Elementary (Anaheim City) where I actually thought Shannon Gaumer might actually faint when I walked in with her brand new Epson LCD projector.  Teachers heard the screams and actually ran in to find her jumping up and down and nearly running laps around her room.  Can you believe she had actually gone shopping for LCD projectors that



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  1. mforst said:

    Whoo hoo! My first thought was “Why are you here and who are you looking for, Jannita???” I didn’t even notice the balloons. (That’s how clueless I was!) Being an elementary school teacher, seeing balloons is not all that rare. Getting them for myself has NEVER happened.

    I’m so excited about the CUE conference. I’ve already downloaded the schedule to my husband’s iPod (it will have to “disappear” that weekend, I’m sorry to say, dear) and get more excited as I peruse the sessions.

    Hopefully, all of us DEN attendees will be spread out so that we’ll have lots of different things to share with all of you who are unable to make the conference.

    For anyone that doesn’t know, my expertise is in early childhood. I’ll be looking mostly for solutions that fit in pre-k to 3rd. Since all of us have such different specializations, we should be able to cover a lot of ground!

    Thanks again Jannita and Discovery!

  2. Shannon Gaumer said:

    I want to take this opportunity to thank Jannita and the Discovery Educator Network for all it has done to enhance my teaching. In the short time I have been a member, I have attended technology conferences, got involved in district projects, met educators from other schools/districts and even won a LCD projector. By reading Jannita’s blog you can imagine how excited I was when Jannita entered my classroom and presented me with that generous prize! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of this network of educators whom have been brought together by Discovery. Thank you again for the wonderful prize and I look forward to participating in the upcoming events and making new connections with other educators.

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