Excellence in Central Illinois

I had the pleasure earlier this week to conduct unitedstreaming workshops in two school districts in central Illinois, and on both days I came away extremely impressed with the innovative ways that these teachers have found to use unitedstreaming resources with their students.

On Monday, I worked with a group of more than twenty teachers at Jefferson Elementary School in Morton, Illinois. The teachers in all of the Morton schools have been using unitedstreaming for quite some time, and I was pleased to hear them describe the projects that they have assigned and the degree to which their students are actively involved in the creation of multimedia presentations. Morton School District 709 is also the home for several members of the Discovery Educator Network in Illinois. Lauri VanDerVoorn has been an enthusiastic advocate for the DEN in her district, and she is joined by Bette Nelson and Heather Hochstettler (Jefferson Elementary), Samantha McKee and Christina Taylor (Lincoln Elementary), Becky Bazzetta and Dee Jonas (Grundy Elementary), Cindy Andrews (Morton Junior High), and Sondra Dole (Brown Elementary).

On Tuesday, I found an equally large and enthusiastic group of teachers in Farmington Central CUSD 265, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them in their beautiful new complex of schools. These teachers also discussed the many ways that they have built their lessons around unitedstreaming video clips and digital images. My hope is that some of these outstanding educators will join our growing DEN community in Illinois and share some of their best lessons and project ideas with us. Many thanks to Bob Atwater, the Director of Grants in District 265, for his enthusiastic support for the unitedstreaming implementation in his schools.

The Discovery Educator Network is quickly growing into a powerful community of educators across the country. If you have found some effective and innovative ways to use unitedstreaming resources with your students, please reply in the comment space below and share your ideas with the rest of us. If you have not yet joined the DEN, please visit the Discovery Educator Network site and click the “Apply” link.      


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