MacWorld Handouts!

I’m here at MacWorld with a great crowd of people including David Warlick, Mike Lawrence, Mike Morrison, and the DEN gang of Scott Kinney, Coni Rechner, Jannita Demian, and many other teachers from the DEN.
I wanted to post the handouts where everyone could have them!  These are lists of great sites where media resources can be found.  They are in both pdf and Word format.  Hopefully, when you download them, the links on one or the other will work in your browser.  It will save you a lot of browsing to find great resources!  if you have other great sites you’d like to share, please let me know by posting the link with a comment.
MacWorld has been great–and I should have left my credit cards at home…But the resurrection of the educator strand was worth the trip!
Download inhand_handout_supplement.pdf

Download inhand_resource_sample.pdf

Download inhand_handoutmw.pdf

Download inhand_handout_supplement.doc
Download inhand_handoutcag.doc

Download inhand_resource_sample.doc


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