Kickin off our shoes in Mead

Kickin_back Well, we kicked off our Mead DEN event by kicking off our shoes this morning (studies have proven that you are more effective when you work in your socks!)  We were quite the site walking around during our breaks… but I am proud to say that most of us kept our shoes off for the entire 5 hours! My feet thanked me after walking that exhibit hall at MacWorld last week. 

Lined_up_and_learningSo, just what did we accomplish… more than I ever have in any day long training.  Jennifer Gingerich and I hosted the DEN Mead teachers to a full day of professional development.  We started off by sharing tips and tricks of unitedstreaming, showcasing dynamic presentations, and touring the tools.  (What are your favorite learning tools?) We followed that whirlwind by taking flight over earth as we Googleearth learned how to integrate Google Earth with unitedstreaming by creating links on placemarks to streaming media and image overlays from the image gallery.  It took a while to bring people "back down to earth," but then we turned things over to Jennifer as she taught us the art of digital poetry.  I loved this part… more on this coming your way soon.  To cap of the day, we were able to join in Hall Gingerich Davidson’s webinar debut. This provided a perfect opportunity to look at the wealth of resources on the Internet to help create digital stories… by far our favorite was   You have to check that one out!

Just a side note… the Mead district is pretty progressive when it comes to Halls_webinar_1 technology. To start off they ALL… yes every teacher in the district.. have LCD projectors in their classrooms and a fiber backbone.  In addition to this dream come true they have a webmaster, Matt, that actually created their own blog server so that each teacher in their district has their own.  To add to that excitement they are doing grade level podcasting!  I am looking forward to seeing Halls_webinarwhat these Mead teachers will help provide to our DEN website (Any body out there do grade level podcasting or blogs?  I would love to chat with you!)

The party didn’t end when we put our shoes back on… because off we went to their famous burger restaurant The Onion.  We had our own private room, which Our_fave_channel featured 2 televisions and wouldn’t you know it when we walked in they had football on one t.v. and the Discovery Channel on the other!

I think my favorite part of the day had to be the networking and sharing at the end.  So many great ideas and visions of where to head next.  Far too many to mention, so I’ll let them post some of their feedback here.

And a final congrats to our golden coin award winners Jen and Mead_denKendra and our officially hooked on unitedstreaming winners Linda and Claudia. And the "unofficial" winner of the naughty boy award has to go to Joe! Just a huge final thanks to DEN member Kim for putting this incredible event together.  Keep up the great work Mead!


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