Let it Snow… Let it Snow… Let it Snow

Den_carWowie!  I woke up to a complete blanket of white.  I got a few weird looks when I started taking pictures of my car, so I refrained from making snow angels.  Talk about beautiful.  A big thank you to my good friend Colleen, who provided me with a perfect scarf for my adventures.   

J_in_snowI felt like a Ms. Daisy today as I was driven around town.  DEN member Terry and Kim gave me a great inside look at their middle and elementary schools today. So here’s my recap.

I spent the first part of the day at the middle school where they have a 1:1 computer:student laptop ratio and they are all wireless!  What a dream!  It was so exciting being in a class where students were actually reading their textbooks from their computer.  But with this excitement comes new challenges.  For Computer_textbookexample… how do you control the students from staying on their textbook page and not doing Google searches for their favorite images?  Any sug gestions?   They ended this great lesson on Spanish Explorers by showing some unitedstreaming clips.  Every teacher in this district has an LCD projector! I also saw a cool image that had been put on a Imovie1rasperator (not even sure I am spelling it correctly)  Basically you put a picture in the program and it prints it out as hundreds of dots on several different pages… when you put the pages together… wa lah.. the picture!

Next, we moved on to elementary schools were 2 sites were working on iMovie. These kids were making their first iMovies by using digital images and movies from unitedstreaming.  It was terrific because they were narrating the story themselves.  Most exciting thing… was watching just how quickly they learn iMovie… about 20 minutes and they were Wa_fast_factscreating on their own.

Another impressive thing along my way was watching their librarian actually teach a lesson!  Not sure if it is like this in your districts… but the librarian really teaches a lesson.  Today, she was going over how to create a Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) She was also using a document camera, demonstrating how to search through their books to find the information they needed.  They are preparing for their WA state reports… did you know that WA has a rainforest?!?  I learn something new every day! Outstanding!

Pointed Overall it was a terrific day in the Mead School District.   Thanks to all these exemplary teachers, Terry, and Kim for keeping me pointed in the right direction.  I am looking forward to our workshop tomorrow.


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  1. Joe Kahovec said:

    Jannita and Jennifer, can’t tell you how much we appreciate your energy and expertise. The training session demonstrated even more potential using technology. I can’t wait to take some applications back to the kids in the classroom tomorrow. They’re going to eat this stuff up! Thanks again.

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