Teaching with the Tools of the New Generation


Student Usage

  • CellFlix Festival  – All videos filmed using mobile phones
  • MobileEd pilot – Mobile phones being used by students in South Africa
  • Student protest in April – Organized using text messaging.  Articles about it are here, here, and here

Mobile Resources

  • Winksite – More robust, but also more complex
  • Mob5.com – Less features, but quick and easy to get started
  • Google Local Mobile – Allows you to view Google satellite images
  • Semacode – Uses cameraphone to convert a bar code to a web site address
  • Semapedia – Group using semacodes to link physical places/objects up with Wikipedia entries
  • QuizFaber – Free quiz maker for Windows that can create quizes for mobile devices
  • flickr – Free photo sharing site that you can use to send and view from a mobile device

Resources to be viewed on a mobile device can be found at Mob5.com/teach42


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