Missed the webinar? Check it out now!

Know what my favorite thing about EdTech Connect is?  It isn’t that we’ve got some amazing speakers lined up (like the esteemed Hall Davidson).  It isn’t that it’s completely free and open to anybody with an internet connection.  It isn’t that the people attending the webinar get to submit questions to the presenter throughout the session.

My favorite thing is that the entire webinar is recorded and then made publicly available!  Couldn’t get a seat for Hall’s webinar?  Then check out the archive of the presentation! The sound is a little wonky, but you can still watch the entire webinar, check out the questions and answers, and review the resources at y our own leisure.  You can refer back to it if you forget anything and share it with co-workers and friends. 

So if you couldn’t make it, go visit the EdTech Connect web page and check it out for yourself! 

If you were one of the people who got a seat, what did you think?  Did you learn anything new?  What’d you like and what didn’t you like about the webinar?  Every comment helps us provide a better service to educators.


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    This was and is a great resource! Check it out for yourself and share it with as many colleagues as possible.

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