Video editing without XP?

Since the DEN team is so involved with Digital Media, I try to share new resources as I find them.  Today I found Avid FREE DV, a free version of the Avid video editor, available for both XP and OSX. 

A few minutes after sending out that email, I got a message from Chris Marshall asking me if I knew of any video editors for earlier versions of Windows.  After all, not everybody has XP.  To be honest, I don’t know of any offhand.

Do any of you have any reccomendations for Chris?  Surely there must be some good resources for the XP-challenged folks out there!


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  1. Mark Hall said:

    There are several programs available. I’m not too sure about how good any of them are as I do all of my editing on Mac’s. Here is a partial list: ShowBiz from ArcSoft, Extreme 7 from Cinegy LLC, PowerDirector 4 from CyberLink and Vegas from Sony. The prices range from $100 for ShowBiz to $900 for Vegas. Here is a link for the Buyer’s Guide from Videomaker magazine.
    The second link down is for Editing Software, both Mac and PC.

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