Discovery Education is all about the podcasting

If you have even a remote interest in podcasting and education, you have to read the article  Students and Teachers, From K to 12, Hit the Podcasts from the New York Times.  Not only does it feature Discovery Educator Jeanne Halderson, recently feature on the Wisconsin DEN blog, but it also features Kathy Schrock, a regular partner of Discovery Education (have you seen her Guide for Educators yet?). 

You should definitely go check out the entire article (it’s free to view but you DO have to register on the NYT site and login), but here’s my favorite snippet:

"It’s better than learning out of a textbook because you’re actually
doing something with what you learn," she said. Moreover, the potential
audience for a podcast, she added, is so much larger than just the
teachers and parents who usually read her essays. "I know other people
are listening, so it’s very fun to do."
— Megan Wichelt, seventh grader at Longfellow MIddle School

Doing something with what you learn and having fun at the same time.  What a novel concept!


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  1. Loren Nowak said:

    Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators is one of those fantastic resources that you’ll go back to over and over once you stop by her site. I once asked for some more info. on a topic and had an email reply from her right away.

  2. Nichole North Hester said:

    I read on your speakingof history blog that your district purchased MP3 players for student use, what a cool deal! Without the MP# players would they have access to the podcasts that you are creating. Can they listen to them from a desktop? I ask because we do not have the luck to all have MP3 players here but I think having a review that recapped everything available to the students to listen to at their own time would be wonderful! I really like the idea. Also, what do you use to record everything? Sorry if you have answered these questions before, I am new to the blog! Thanks!

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