The news of Playlists is spreading like fire through the districts in California. I have seen some excellent examples of teachers creating curriculum based playlists (i.e. 4th Grade Open Court Theme 2) and as all  DEN members do you are sharing your lists with your site and/or district. Remember, that you are the only one that can edit, add videos, or delete the playlist you shared.  So, here’s a helpful trick to help you keep those Playlists pretty. Make sure that you write your name in the description.  That way, if anyone wants to suggest adding a video to that folder or they need to reorganize they know who to contact.  Great Job sharing all the great resources you are finding! 

How are you using playlists in your district?


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  1. Jutti said:

    My district, Los Angeles, is placing added emphasis on teaching English language development lessons to our English language learners.

    United Streaming is great for supporting the lessons. It is excellent for developing vocabulary and providing background.

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