SMS Live: TV Studio Production with Middle Schoolers

I had the opportunity to visit Salisbury Middle School not too long ago and I was amazed at what Sean Recke and Mike Cichocki have done with their in-house tv studio.  On a very limited budget they have created a studio where everyday their students broadcast the morning announcements, news, sports and weather LIVE!

Recently, they added a new component to their morning program – unitedstreaming Calendar events. 

Check out SMS Live for yourself.


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I know Sean and Mike because we all teach in the same district. Their work with the students is really awesome, and yes, they did put the studio together on a shoestring. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is boundless, and so is their generosity. Sometime this year they are going to help the high school move in the same studio direction. You’ve got to love what these two dedicated guys do, so check out their broadcasts. Definitely cutting edge.

  2. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I copied and pasted an email that Sean and Mike sent to our district. What they are doing in a small school on a limited budget is remarkable: more with less. You might want to check their broadcast for February 16. LANCE ROUGEUX and SCOTT KINNEY will be guests on SMS Live [see Lance’s link]. Lance’s blog has helped boost their viewing audience. Why not tune in.

    “The small SMS Live show is now being seen in many different countries. We have a Stat counter imbedded in our web page that tells us where and who are downloading the show. SMS Live has received over 82 downloads yesterday from all around the world. Countries like Norway, Germany, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, South America, France, England, Spain and all over the US. This is just from yesterday. We were also e-mail this link from people who talk about tech in schools and have posted this link on their national site too.”

    Way to go, SMS Live! We’re proud of you!

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