The Water is Wide

I don’t know if any of you caught the Hallmark tv movie of The Water is Wide tonight, but I did.  I was actually waiting all weekend for it (and these type of movies are usually a little too Lifetime-ish for me).  But, Pat Conroy’s book was given to me as a graduation gift eight years ago, and I have since considered it one of my favorite books.  So two things stuck out to me…

1. The book is always better than the movie.  If you have never read the book, I strongly recommend it.  Check out The Water is Wide on Amazon ($7.99 new).

2. I sure wish those students on Yamacraw had access to unitedstreaming.  They could have visited all those places (like D.C.) everyday with the click of the mouse and potentially saved Mr. Conroy’s job. 


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  1. Jannita said:

    I also watched most of this movie last night! Extremely inspirational! I can’t wait to find the book. I laughed when I saw him take out the old film projector and he said “We just entered the age of audio and visual media.” I really enjoyed watched the kids faces light up when they saw digital images for the first time. I see the same expression when I work with classes that have never seen unitedstreaming. Here’s a helpful trick… Just like the movie, I also had a Karaoke machine in my class… the kids loved it and it helped with reading fluency, since they had to read the words to the songs.

  2. Cheryl "Cap" said:

    Steelers 24
    Seahawks – 21

    Steelers are going to win this one!! Here we go Steelers Here we go!! Bettis deserves this one.

  3. Ward Cochenour said:

    Steelers 31

    Seahawks 17

    Steelers get one for the thumb, Bus gets his homecoming and we all get to brag for a year.

  4. Mary Grace Kelly said:

    PS I also loved The Water is Wide! I had to laugh when the teacher was justifying going on the field trip…as I was thinking about some of the lengths and creative measures that we as teachers have to go at times to include more meaningful experiences into our curriculum….

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