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Greetings! I am so excited to be in Florida as the new Northern Discovery Educator Network Field manager. My name is Danielle Abernethy and I am moving from South Carolina where I was a technology coach for the past five years and a classroom teacher for four years. I had not always planned on going into education, at first I wanted to work with children’s theatre and was even an honorary Patchwork Player in college. Then the teaching bug bit and I was ready for my own classroom. During my third year of teaching we got our first classroom computer and I fell in love!

My favorite teacher in high school was Mrs. Joyce Hunter. She really opened up our creative sides with video projects. It was a thrill years later as a technology coach to work with her as a professional. She gave me the passion I have for working in education.

I have always enjoyed conferences and classes because they offer an opportunity for teachers to network, something that use to be difficult from our private world – "the classroom". With technology and this community we will be able to connect teachers with other educators interested in digital media in education. The first thing that you need to do is apply to this blog by typing in your email where it says "Enter your email to subscribe" in the top right hand corner of this page.  Then hit "Subscribe Me."

The community is still new, but it’s clearly marked itself as a leader in the education world. A big question a lot of people have is "What does a Discovery Educator Network Member look like?"  They are a discoverer, an educator, and a networker. If you feel like you have the traits of a member, you need to join the community. Your application is your key in. To apply you will need to submit a resource using unitedstreaming and answer a few questions. Apply today!

As a newbie to Florida, I am so ready to explore your state! For me it will be like a treasure hunt! If you are using unitedstreaming, please contact me and let’s schedule a get together.  I would love to see the interesting things going on in your classroom and talk to you more about the Discovery Educator Network.


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  1. Cheryl Triplett said:

    Hey Danielle, I am so glad you have a BLOG where I can keep up with all your wonderful ideas. I miss you here in South Carolina!

  2. Loren Nowak said:

    That was a great introduction! I’m a Technology Curriculum Coach up in SC, and have enjoyed getting to know Danielle. She was doing amazing things for a school district that was just up the Interstate from where I am.

    North Florida teachers – get to know her and pick her brain…I know that she has some exciting plans for supporting your use of unitedstreaming and would love to hear about the interesting things you are already doing. Here’s a little DEN tip for new DEN Members – contribute and have fun on the DEN Blog for your site, but visit the other ones too… Discovery Educator Network is like a virtual field trip to “round table” with so many other educators nationwide.

    Isn’t it funny that we keep trying to reinvent our own “wheels” when we have colleagues all throughout the US who are working on doing similar things with their students? Of course the neat thing about being a member of a community of educators is that we all share our ideas and the practice of “make-and-take” to benefit our own students. I know that the North Florida blog will be one to watch for innovative and creative new ideas. We’re missing you in SC Danielle…

  3. Matt Monjan said:

    Welcome Danielle!

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Danielle twice so far and I am really excited that she has joined our Discovery team.

    Danielle is full of great ideas and loves meeting and sharing her thoughts with teachers.

    I know her enthusiasm and knowledge of technology will be a great asset to teachers in north Florida!

    Matt Monjan
    Implementation Representative
    Discovery Education, unitedstreaming

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