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After 25 classrooms of my own and 5 1/2 years teaching teachers, I join the Discovery Educator Network with the joy of spreading the good news about integrating digital media in today’s classrooms. I love teachers! In fact, we have become a family of teachers in the last few years.  My husband, Jack, graduated from UCF (the University of Central Florida) last year and is a first year teacher at the same school where our youngest daughter, Kelly, is a 5th grade math teacher.  Jackie, our other daughter is a 6th grade math teacher at the school where I last taught. They will keep me fresh on what is happening in the trenches.

My favorite teacher was Miss Gwendolyn Jones, my mentor in college. I marveled at how she could walk into any school (including inner city Trenton) in her Jackie Kennedy outfits and engage any group of students in poetry. She really inspired me to not just teach, but to make an impact.  The DEN will certainly be a unique path to impacting our teachers and students across the nation.Den_head_shot

As always, I am
Ubiquitously Yours,


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  1. Tiffany Bonner said:

    Great bio, Karen. Hope you had fun in Washington.

    ~Tiffany Bonner

  2. Fotini Guzman said:

    I was ‘visiting’ the North Florida DEN and read about the $750 Inspiration scholarship. If you are an Inspiration user you might want to read about it.

  3. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Thanks Fotini for visiting the North Florida DEN blog! Check out the other state blogs too! There’s some great things on all of them!

  4. LInda Borek said:

    Hi Karen,
    I was told some time ago that United Streaming clips are not allowed to be taken from the computer and added into a student’s video project. Is this still the rule? Also what if someone wanted to take a United Streaming clip and put it on their video iPod, is that allowed?
    Looking forward to your answers on this…
    Linda Borek
    Tech Resource Teacher, Osceola District Schools

  5. Matt Monjan said:

    Whoo Hoo! Welcome Karen!

    I am so excited to have Karen on our team.

    I first met Karen in Orlando where she shared some of the inventive technology initiatives that she spear-headed in Osceola County – Just ask her about her Scavenger Hunt!

    Since then she’s shared some of her really cool ideas with me. She even demonstrated how to download and play back unitedstreaming video on her Palm TX!

    South Florida teachers, you are in for real treat when the meet with Karen!

    Matt Monjan
    Implementation Representative
    Discovery Education, unitedstreaming

  6. Cheryl Heineman said:

    Karen, I’m so excited about being part of this. I’ve been luck to have you as professor, mentor, and now a fellow colleague! – Cheryl Heienman, 1st gr. LVE, Osceola Cty.

  7. vicky_torrey said:

    Karen, thank you so much for your labor in opening up these new technologies for us. I feel privileged to be involved with the DEN.

    I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been doing with my high school ESOL students and Unitedstreaming videos.

    First of all, I download a video from the ‘Extra’ ESL series (a series of videos filmed in England about 4 adult friends — sort of like the American sitcom “Friends”). Although the scenarios get a little silly and are culturally so different from my students’, they do have some entertainment value.

    After I download the video (sometimes two at a time), I make a DVD (which also impresses the students that the DVD was made specially for them). During the viewing, the students complete a ‘cloze activity’ that I prepared by cutting and pasting the summary straight from the website (I delete words from the text and place a word bank on the bottom of the page).

    Students are motivated to do the activity because it is an easy “A”, they are challenged to perceive messages in English, they gain new vocabulary and “problem-solve” on text. The video also offers short reviews about the storyline and main ideas.

    From the standpoint of all seriousness, the videos seem absurd, but putting that aside, one has to chuckle at the silly situational scenarios these young adults portray.

    If anyone is interested in the using the cloze worksheets, I will post them on the Discovery site.

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