A Very Special Pittsburgh Tribute

Well, you’ve gone and done it now.  Way more than 30 people commented on the Super Bowl predictions post and I will honor my word.  But before we get to that, a few other details.  First, Joe Phillips and Ben Smith both predicted wrong in their comments and have therefore been suspended from PA DEN until further notice (just kidding).  Next, it was great to see that many of you used the resources from Kathy Schrock’s comment.  Thanks for sharing your ideas with me.  Keep sending me emails or posting comments on the blog to let me know all the cool stuff you are doing in your classrooms.   

AND…I would like to invite Mike Cichocki and Ann Clark to dinner with Kathy Schrock on Sunday, February 19 after the DEN pre-conference event.

Okay, I promised to reveal a picture of a very young Lance Rougeux in Steelers garb holding a manly action figure.  Instead of just posting the picture, I thought I’d make it educational.  So, I downloaded Photo Story 3 (you must have XP) and then searched the unitedstreaming Image Library for pictures on Pittsburgh.  Very quickly I inserted a few pictures into the show, added some narration by reading the descriptions associated with the images in unitedstreaming, and then topped it off with a very special song.  The result is below.  Enjoy!

Download pbg_lance.wmv


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  1. Kathy Schrock said:


    Great job!

    Citations for the sources used? (We library media specialists-by-training never miss a chance to promote information literacy!)

    See you all soon!


  2. Terri Soyka said:

    Great info on the beloved city. Wonderful use of media. Picture at end was awe inspiring blown up on the big screen.
    We are the Champions, we are the champions….of the world!

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