Inserting Movies and Getting Ugly White Boxes

So I learned something new with the help of my GREAT implementation team on Monday.  I asked them why when I insert a movie and I know I linked it correctly and I get that ugly white box when I click on it and of course the movie does not play.  So here’s the scoop we have so far.

Sometimes the title is too long… Try renaming the title to just a 2-3 words.  If you are finding this problem, try this out and let us know how it works.

If you are having any other issues inserting movies, please post a comment here and we can find an implementation rep to get our questions answered.


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  1. Sandy Paul said:

    In my district we use ATI video cards in our desktops and then connect the computers to 27-inch televisions. Depending on the ATI card and the television (some are S-video and some use composite connections) we have a range of problems. We have Windows XP (Windows Media Player 10)in our labs and Windows 98 (Windows Media Player 9)in most classrooms. Updating from Office 97 to Office 2000 in both labs and classrooms helped some of our issues. (We still get ugly white boxes on some and ugly pink boxes on others.) In most classrooms where we have a problem, the clips will show on the monitor and television, but the clips will NOT show in PowerPoint on the TV (but do on the monitor). Shortening the name of the clip did not work as a solution. A solution we received from one Unitedstreaming tech did fix the problem in one clasroom, and that involved sliding down the bar for video acceleration in the controls. However, we still have various classrooms where we have not found a solution. Help!!!

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