Updates… Updates… Read All About It!

Yipee!  Brand new to you… updates for unitedstreaming… Log on Monday, February 6th to see these great new enhancements go live!

Search Engine: You asked for it… so here it is!  A new and very much improved Boolean based search engine.  For the non techies… this means you can use quotation marks among other great features. But if you really want to be impressed type in the word "bimes" in a keyword search.  It will actually ask you if you meant "biomes."    Also, when you do a keyword search now, you will be linked to clip art, lesson plans, and quizzes.  To see a great example of this do a keyword search by "animals." For more tips and tricks on searching, click blue hotlink titled "New Search Tips" under the keyword search box.

Quiz Center: You just have to check out these updates as well.  You can actually search our quiz center database by keyword 🙂  We have over 2,000 pre-made quizzes.  You can also create your own quiz. 

Assignment Builder: You can now add urls to assignments in addition to quizzes, videos, images, articles, and calendar events.  I encourage all of you to play with this great tool.  For more information about Assignment Builder, you can download the userguide by clicking on "Learning Tools" then "Assignment Builder" and "Assignment Builders User’s Guide."

DEN Certification Module: This is a great new program that allows you to become DEN Certified.  This will allow you to become eligible for special Discovery Events and to host trainings for Discovery at various conferences. It may take a while to get through all the modules, but I highly reccomend that you complete this course.  You may also pause in the middle and resume at a later time.  You can find this under "Teacher Center."  It will be at the very bottom of the page titled "Preview Discovery Educator Network Certification Module."

Download us_v2.3 flyer.pdf

For a list of our newest videos including Magic School Bus and the Dear America series click here

Post a comment here and let us know what you think about these great new features.


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