Discovery Education Day

Lance_at_discoveryLast week I had the opportunity to participate in Discovery Education Day.  This is where all employees of Discovery Education meet in Silver Spring (see my picture to the left at our headquarters) to lay out this year’s goals and see how all of the many different pieces of Discovery Education can come together to keep supporting great products that help teachers and students on a daily basis. 

I had the opportunity to represent the Discovery Educator Network with a presentation to several hundred of my colleagues.  My presentation included a short video of Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton (Jefferson-Morgan School District) talking about the ART of unitedstreaming.  Another Discovery Educator, Tom Medved (Union Area School District) and his wife did an unbelievable job of putting the video together in a very restricted timeline. 

I have received so many emails and calls from my colleagues saying two things: 1) The video was awesome, inspiring and just about every other positive adjective you can think of and 2) Can I get a copy?

So, thank you to Peggy, Jim, Tom and his wife for making me (and the whole Discovery Educator Network) shine.

Check out the video.  It was converted to mpeg format so it will take a minute or two to load. 


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    An incredible video. It took a while to download but worth every minute. Just excellent. Thank you so much.

  2. Jim Hopton said:

    Thanks to Tom and his wife for making such an awesome video! Our Principal thinks she’s received her 15 minutes of fame according to Pop artist Andy Warhol. (Check out the unitedstreaming video on Pop Art.) We’re happy to hear that Lance’s video was a hit at his Discovery Education conference.

  3. Peggy Barger said:

    Thank YOU Lance! What a wonderful video. A very special thanks to Tom and Karen. What editing – we almost sounded coherent. 🙂 Also, our students were thrilled to be a part of the “lights – camera – action.”

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