Lesson Design Competition

With the launch of the new DEN web portal within the next two weeks, one of our main priorities is the development of a comprehensive library of lesson and project files that cover the full K-12 range and that focus on all subject areas. Many of the sample projects that Discovery Educators submitted when they applied for the program will be used to seed the collection, but I am interested in getting many more high quality files from Illinois Educators that reflect our teaching standards and topics that are of interest to all teachers. With this in mind, we are having a Lesson Design Competition in Illinois with several great prizes for teachers who submit the best or most comprehensive lesson or project files to share with the DEN community.

Win an InFocus LCD Projector:  There will be several prizes awarded for the most complete and Projector1useful lesson and project files, and the DEN member who submits the best project will win a new InFocus LCD projector. The deadline for submitting projects will be February 28 and the names of the DEN members who submitted the winning entries will be announced at the upcoming IL-TCE Conference in St. Charles on March 2.      

Project Examples: The following are examples of the kinds of materials you might consider submitting:

– PowerPoint or Keynote lessons with embedded unitedstreaming clips
– Lesson outlines created in Word or AppleWorks with hyperlinks to clips and resources
– Inspiration or TimeLiner activities infused with video clips and digital images
– Digital stories created with iMovie, MovieMaker, or similar video software
– Narratives using digital images created with PhotoStory
– WebQuests with links to video clips and valuable web-based resources
– Tutorials that focus on how to use specific software tools to create lessons

Submit Materials:  If your project files are not too large, just click this link and send them to me by e-mail. If you have large files to submit, just send me an e-mail message with a description of your materials and I will provide a mailing address or a link to our FTP server so that you can send or upload your files.

The Discovery Educator Network is an active community of users, and the best way for each of you to enrich the experiences of all members is to continue to share your ideas and insights by teaching your colleagues, responding to topics on the DEN blogs and discussion boards, and uploading project files that will inspire and instruct other educators. This is a great opportunity to earn some valuable equipment for your school and get some other teachers in your school to join our Network at the same time.


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