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We hope that you know by now that the Discovery Educator Network is about sharing and caring for the "teachers in the trenches." One of our newest DEN members in Florida is a teacher who really gets it. Jonathan Meyers, Gifted and Technology Resource teacher at Horizon Middle School in Kissimmee, Florida has committed to help teachers understand the world of emerging technologies. Jonathan has created a daily post for interested teachers in Osceola County and has his own blog for an even wider audience. He has taught teachers in a most humorous and articulate manner that hooks in the most novice user of technology. Let’s face it, our students understand most of the technologies available to us today, why shouldn’t we utilize them in the educational forum? Log onto Jonathan’s blog, Tech Bits, Techbitbox and click around to see all the amazing information that he has been adding this whole school year.  Some of the things I’ve learned from Tech Bits is Open Source opportunities, copy lefting and much more. Jonathan really gets it. He is helping us connect teachers to their most valuable resource – each other. If you know about other blogs, websites or resources that will help teachers to learn how to integrate technology, please comment and help us to connect to each other.

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  1. Cheryl Heineman said:

    Jonathan, My school just purchased CPS (Classroom Proformance System) & I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to play with it. I was wondering if you have any experience utilizing this technology w/unitedstreaming? – Cheryl Heineman, 1st gr. Lakeview Elementary, Osceola Cty.

  2. ruchii sin said:

    Jonathan Meyers, you are such an inspiration for our children. Want the people like you in my network

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