Community Events in Texas

Tcea_conf The Discovery Educator Network hosted multiple community-building events in the Lone Star state this week.  Michelle Weeks, Field Manager for North Texas and Oklahoma (, and Chris Marshall, Field Manager for South Texas (, did an outstanding job planning activities for Discovery Educators at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference

Presenters On Tuesday, over thirty Discovery Educators participated in a full-day pre-conference session which included professional development, networking and lots of fun.  Participants learned from a host of Discovery presenters and (more importantly) other Discovery DenEducators on topics ranging from media kits to sneak peaks of the new DEN portal.  Special thanks to all the presenters (pictured here) including: Phyllis Mullane from El Paso ISD, Vanessa Jones, Susan Monahan, Aurturo Guajardo from Austin ISD and Amy Elliott from Sherman ISD.

That night, we were joined by over 150 other unitedstreaming users for dinner at Scholz Garten for fun, food and socialization.  I look forward to additional Discovery Tcea_dinnerEducator Network opportunities in the state of Texas and would like to thank everyone for a wonderful trip to the Lone Star state.


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  1. Michelle said:

    It WAS a great week! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the positive feedback. Everyone loved the pre-conference day and the dinner at the beer garden! Thanks to Scott and Steve for presenting and sharing great knowledge for our TX DEN members!

  2. Phyllis Mullane said:

    The TCEA conference was a BLAST! Not only did I enjoy meeting everyone…I came home with a suitcase full of goodies…including a Olympus Digital Camera a CPS System and a CPS Chalkboard…and, of course, 6 new software products. I want to give a Great BIG Thank You to Discovery Educator Network for providing the scholarship which allowed me the opportunity to go to Austin for the conference.
    I am excited about all of the great things I learned and I am eager to help spread the word about DEN…It’s Great! So, all who read this..remember, if you see a Scholarship application for the conference next had better apply. Then all of your friends can be pea green with envy when you bring home a suitcase

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    Thank you so much for a GREAT day of learning on Tuesday at TCEA the DEN meeting!!! We came home with Awesome ideas! Also, thanks for a fun night at the Scholz Garden… it was great food and great company!
    We need to NETWORK again soon!!!

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