Here Comes Trouble!

New DEN field manager Susan Staat spent her second week at Discovery at the NCCE conference in Portland—where the weather is gorgeous and the mountain is tall.  Watch this space for photos and a report!  Hall Davidson, ancient Discovery DEN guy, is also there with Jennifer Gingerich, Monika Davis, and Matt Monjan.  Andy Traum is here, too.  Watch for more FABULOUS details.  From Susan Staat:  I can’t wait to share with you some of the more embarrassing moments of my first week with the DEN.  What is it with Californians and cars??  (This would be easier if my boss wasn’t reading over my shoulder as I’m posting my first blog.)  I’m in Northern California and am excited about meeting and greeting all the fabulous DEN members from my area — I know you have great ideas to share.

Below: Andy, Monika, and Matt.  They’ll kill us for using their "drivers license" pictures.  But since we talked last night at dinner at length about blogging, we wanted to really get them involved.  I hope I make it to my third week…

Andy_traum Monika_davis Matt


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  1. Craig Halper said:

    Congrats to Susan not only on her first DEN blog post, but also on running her first DEN event this Tuesday. Welcome to the team, we are thrilled to have you!

    Looking forward to reading more on NCCE.

  2. Mark Jeffery said:

    So, Susan, where is your “driver’s license” photo? Congratulations on joining the Discovery team and for jumping right in “ready or not!” I’m sure your DEN event was appreciated by everyone.

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