Classrooms for the Future: Governor Rendell's $200 Million Laptop Initiative

In case you haven’t seen the press release from the Governor’s office or out of the PA Department of Education, this is pretty big news for educators all across PA.  Rendell’s 2006-07 education budget includes a $200 million program, Classrooms for the Future, that focuses on placing laptops on the desks of every high school student in the Commonwealth.  In the first year, $20 million will be competitively awarded to 100 schools. 

Another interesting initiative, the New Economy Technology Scholarship, focuses on keeping Math and Science majors in PA. 

Despite the allure of free government cheese, I think that if we (and yes, I said we because it is not the governor’s or PDE’s money) are going to invest in programs like these (and yes I used to work at PDE and yes I love the idea of getting to a place where we are 1 to 1) then we should finish the connectivity job associated with Act 183 (eFund) first.  We all know that $10 million a year to ensure broadband internet connectivity across PA is not going to make it happen fast enough or at all.

But, it’s Friday and I’m rambling.  Take a look at the budget plans for yourself.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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