It’s Friday afternoon, and don’t know if you all are as tired as I am….but I’m exhausted.  It was the greatest week.  I wanted to give a few brief thoughts and will post more soon.  First, Texas educators ROCK!  What a great place to learn, enjoy new friends, and share ideas!  Not that I am prejudice but I have to say how great these Texans are….and we know how to have fun.  Everyone was so nice, welcoming, and excited about the ideas and potential of the DEN.  Second, it was such a great experience to connect all these names from emails and voices to actual people!  Finally, I was very humbled to show-off our DEN to my directors and managers of the national DEN.  You proved to be amazing educators that are inspirational to the people you meet everyday! 


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  1. Annette McKee said:

    I must agree about the week – it was awesome to meet other DEN members and see what they are doing in their schools. I have so many different ideas rolling around in my head now, it’s good to have the weekend to come back to earth. Thanks to Michelle and Chris for putting on such a great DEN event on Tuesday. I look forward to the new posts with the projects that were demonstrated.

  2. Pam Neven said:

    What is not to love in an awesome city like Austin. There was fantastic sessions during the day and awesome parties at night! I have already put into action a few things that I brought back with me from Austin. I know I’m going to spend the next few weeks going through all my stuff…but then comes the fun part – sharing it with all the teachers and staff on my campus! I know this is going to sound bias…but the DEN event on Tuesday was the best session by far! I’m looking forward to being apart of it next year!

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    I am STILL totally exhausted!!! Trying to take it all in leaves your head in a whirlwind!!!!
    Thanks again for the GREAT Den event on Tuesday! You guys ROCK!
    I guess the truth has come out that we aren’t REALLY sisters!!! but I love ya!!!

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