KLVX iDENtifies Power Users

Dsc01492KLVX is all about usage!  Monika, implementation rep, and myself learned that right away as we walked in their office and Lee and Craig proudly displayed their color coded usage charts of the Clark County School District (5th largest school district in the nation… KLVX, a PBS station, provides each school with unitedstreaming, training, and support!) Perhaps what impressed us even more than their charts… is that they also provide a fiber backbone to each of their sites.  This means it takes all of about 30 seconds to download a 30 minute movie.  Definitely no bandwidth issues in this district.

Hats_on_to_having_funThat night Craig iDENtified 26 Power Users of unitedstreaming from across their district and so we kicked off the KLVX DEN in style.  Workin_hardThat evening, Monika and I Hooked_on_googleStream_away demo-ed all the great new features of unitedstreaming, talked about integration ideas, showcased sample DEN projects, and of course… Craig’s favorite… played with Google Earth.

Later in the evening Craig joined us for dinner as Monika and I dreamed of hitting the jackpot. Jackpot No money gained on the trip, but DEN did hit the jackpot with these dynamic educators from Clark County. 

Thanks_craigThanks to KLVX, Craig, Lee, and implementation manager Steve for allowing Monika and I the opportunity to work with these teachers.  See you soon!


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