PC Teach It

Another big thanks to Craig Cuddihy of KLVX for showing me a GREAT magazine/resource book called PC Teach It.  According to their website, “PC Teach It is the premier project-based resource that brings technology alive for students and teachers! Both the print magazine and its companion website provide content applicable for students of all ages, with a concentration on the K4-6 grade levels. Lesson plans conform to the technology standards and performance indicators of ISTE.”   KLVX was featured in their “Back to the Basics 2004/2005” issue. 

Often times people hand me magazine, journals, etc to read and it gets placed in that “special” pile of “if only I had another 3 hours in the day” but I picked up this magazine and started flipping through this morning and wished that I had it when I was still in the classroom.  It’s filled with dynamic ready to use lesson plans that incorporate the National Educational Technology Standards in collaboration with ISTE (yes… believe it or not… even technology has the dreaded “s” word…. STANDARDS!)

The site also contains a variety of quality hot links to other dynamic sites which include Discovery School (Kathy Schrock is one of their featured columnists… thanks to PA DEN Manager Lance, I get to meet her next week!).  Knowing that one of my DEN members, Ray, is getting ready to write a grant, I found a great link to tips and tricks for grant writing and where to find more grants.

I could go on and on… but I’ll stop and let you go there now.  Check it out… let me know what you think!


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