Making Connections Day

On February 7, 2006, 35 DEN members gathered at the Austin Convention Center the day before TCEA even began.  I have to say that I was really nervous as this was one of our first Texas combined days and when you have an event at a location that you aren’t familiar with, you never know what you might find.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to have tables set up, a projector and a nice room for our day.  Thanks Rusty at TCEA for helping make it work!!!  The theme was "Making Connections" and I think we all accomplished that.  We had quite a few presentations of "show and tell" which sometimes are the best ways that I learn new ideas.  Just 10 minutes of sharing an idea – to get me excited and then I can take it back with me.  I really enjoyed Scott’s presentation (not just because he is my boss :)) and it helped remind me of the article from the DE Resource Guide.  (I really love that publication and learn so much – anyone interested in contributing to it????).  Plus, I learned more about differentiated instruction – a concept that I did when I was in the classroom, we just didn’t call it that.  I would have loved to be able to provide unitedstreaming for some of my students that needed that extra "something."  Anyway, all of the presentations were great.  From more student interactive PowerPoints to a basic instructional lesson for one student to claymation to electronic comic books.  It’s amazing how different folks out there are using video in a variety of ways.  Thanks again to Phyllis Mullane (El Paso ISD), Aurtoro Guajardo, Susan Monahan and Vanessa Jones (Austin ISD); Amy Elliott (Sherman ISD) and Chris Marshall (DEN South TX).  We especially loved Phyllis and her enthusiasm to learning new things.  Her presentation on STD’s was quite a show!   Thanks also to Steve for enlightening us on our new DEN website and blogs across the country.  It was a successful day I think for us all!  I enjoyed finally putting names with faces and making those connections too!  Thanks for having fun and all of the laughter!  Please share with others your thoughts of the day!!!  Cimg0591 Cimg0595 Cimg0598 Cimg0582


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  1. Judy Riggle said:

    I am now as proud as I can be to be a part of the Discovery Educator Network. I will admit when I first joined I was not exactly sure what I had gotten into. After the TCEA conference I realize that being a part of this network is going to be a huge asset to my students, my colleagues and myself. I was so excited to see all the wonderful things you can do with UnitedStreaming. I have already implemented several ideas to my classroom, and can’t wait to do more!! I have shared the Google translator with my district, and begun gathering information from my classroom teachers so that I can begin preparing Media Kits for various subjects. Also, I am ready to spread the word to get more teachers involved in the DEN. I can’t wait to come to TCEA next year and see how much the DEN has grown. I want to say a special thanks to you Michelle and all of the other Discovery Educator Team. You were great hosts to me during the entire TCEA convention. I agree the best part of the entire convention was the parts shared by the Discovery Team!!

  2. Mary Betke said:

    Michelle, I enjoyed meeting you at TCEA. I got a lot of ideas visiting the booth and talking to the DEN member from Dallas about United Streaming. You are an enthusiastic bunch!

  3. Bob Stone said:

    It’s been over a week and I still am digesting the information I got at the TCEA conference. Tuesday was a wonderful time full of lots of information about DEN. I got to meet other people who were using United Streaming and were excited to find out new and wonderful things.
    One thing I learned that I have showed several teachers and parents was that I can translate web pages into other languages in Google. It will be a powerful tool for the bilingual teachers and my bilingual parents.
    I really have to take my hat off to Discovery Network. They really went above and beyond what I expected!
    Michelle Weeks was amazing! All the other people from Discovery were just as terrific. I was so grateful to be chosen to get a scholarship to TCEA. It won’t just help me, it will impact my teaching and my students in ways I wouldn’t have been able to do!

  4. Vicki Hart said:

    I had a great time at TCEA. It was great to have time to share ideas with other DEN members. I am looking forward to other times we can get together and share. I always come back to work inspired with so many new ideas to try!

  5. Elizabeth E. Hamilton said:

    It was wonderful meeting everyone at TCEA. I look forward to many more DEN events and collaboration with everyone!

    I know that as technology integration teacher I would be totally lost with United Streaming! I love it and look forward to training many teachers in my district!

    Libby Hamilton
    Azle TX

  6. Annette McKee said:

    I’m still working on organizing all the new info I received. What a week! It was so encouraging to see how you are using technology with your students.

    I’m looking for job descriptions for tech integration or instructional technology specialists. If any of you have access to such a document, or a link to the info in your district, I’d really love you to drop me a line or two. I think my district needs to add this position, but I’ll need to go prepared when I approach the topic. Thanks to all!

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