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At Neptune Middle School, the Apollo Team understands that using technology in the classroom really "makes their day," for the students. Tiffany Bonner, Michelle Brooks and Jaime Reynafarje, all DEN members in Florida were presented the Make Their Day award Dscn5453_1 for the integration of technology in the classroom and enhancing their own technology expertise. These teachers are so excited about being apart of the Discovery Educator Network  (DEN) because they appreciate staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in educational technology.

Tiffany, Michelle and Jaime are also apart of an online team called DIV teachers in Osceola County. The DIV (Digital Interface Vehicle) is an online learning management system for face-to-face classroom teachers. Their students actually have a password protected area that gives them the ability to go online at home or anywhere and review PowerPoint lessons, take quizzes, write journals, view unitedstreaming videos they have seen in class and much more.

Kudos to Mrs. Judy Zieg, principal at Neptune Middle School for having a vision for instructional technology! At Discovery Education, we love to encourage, equip and empower teachers who understand the power of technology seamlessly woven into their lessons. Great job, Tiffany, Michelle and Jaime. We’re proud of you.  Dscn5454_3

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  1. Jaime Reynafarje said:

    My principal was so glad that we won this award that she nominated our DEN team for “The Teams that Make a Difference” national award. Go DEN!

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