I probably should not be blogging right now. It’s 1:21 am and it has been a very long, but grand day. It’s been one of those days that just leaves you on fire and so energized, you can’t go to sleep. So here I am, about to share with you why I am not sleeping.

I am currently in Hershey, PA, the sweetest place on Earth, for the Pennsylvania Technology Conference, PETE&C. Lance Rougeux planned an awesome, all inspiring pre-conference session for his DEN members. He had 100 plus members show up on a Sunday before a holiday from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. He also had 1/3 of the DEN from Massachusetts here, his main presenter, Kathy Shrock. Jannita from California, Scott Kinney from Discovery, Hall Davidson from the West Coast for Discovery, Steve Dembo from our on-line community, and dedicated DEN members presented on a wide range of topics that left teachers in awe and begging for more. Teachers were so excited leaving each session, so charged with zeal to try what they just learned! You really need to go read more about it in a few days on the Pennsylvania blog.

The other reason I am so energized is because I got to see a good friend again. Last October I met a fantastic teacher from Allentown while attending a DEN event in Denver. We networked and became fast friends, keeping in touch with the thanks of technology and snail mail. RJ Stangherlin is one of those teachers that comes along and just makes you go "WOW! I wish I was a high school student again, only if I had her as a teacher!" The things that she is doing with her students is just overwhelming and speaks volumes of her passion for education. It was so great to see her again!

This is just one example of the power of the Discovery Educator Network. You get to participate in awesome events that are tailored just for you as a teacher and you meet dedicated educators from all over, plus there’s a really cool website to facilitate your extended learning, sharing and networking. (Have you seen the new website? It is simply incredible!) I am so lucky to be a involved (and employed) with this great organization. I am so ready for Florida to take off and experience the thrill events like this gives you!

However, I think I need to get some sleep first. The actual conference starts tomorrow, bright and early!


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