PETE & C – A conference within a conference

I got back last night from the PETE & C conference in Hershey Pennsylvania.  I have to say, it was an absolute blast to attend.  Two keynotes, 3 sets of concurrent sessions with 8 different choices, drawings, lunch and so much more.  Oh yeah, did I mention that this was just the preconference day set up by Lance Rougeaux?

On Sunday, we got the day started right with a keynote presentation by Kathy Schrock.  She shared some ideas for producing digital media as well as presenting in general.  By the end of her presentation, the other speakers could be seen frantically taking heavy handed transitions out of their presentations and changing the color schemes of their slides.  It seems that purple isn’t the best color to use as a background unless you’re presenting at a birthday party or bar mitzvah!  She has a great way of imparting valuable, practical informaiton in such a fun, casual way. 

After Kathy set the tone for the day, we split up into breakout sessions.  There were three breakout sessions throughout the day, with a total of 8 different sessions to choose from.  People had some difficult decisions to make, between presentations about Google Earth, digital media, ways to incorporate unitedstreaming in the classroom, a sneak peak at the what’s coming down the pipe for unitedstreaming, classroom blogging, and several others. 

During lunch, we were treated to a second keynote presentation, this time by Hall Davidson.  He dazzled us with some amazing video projects created by students of all ages.  Every time you thought you’d seen the best, he’d break out another one that topped it.  I think everybody was able to identify at least one project that they could try to bring back to their own classroom and do with their students. 

Beyond that, there were posters, t-shirts, door prizes, a visit from Peppermint Patty (a character straight from Chocolate World), and so much more.  Oh, yeah, how could I forget?  We also unveiled the new website!  It simply amazes me that it was just a preconference day.  It was practically a conference in itself.

If you were there, swing by the Pennsylvania blog and throw Lance some props!  He definitely deserves them.


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