Spring Training Update

On Wednesday I met some wonderful teachers and media specialists from Putnam County. We did an all day training on how to use unitedstreaming and how to integrate it into science. I only had two hours sleep before I got on the road, but their passion gave me fuel to do the training. For lunch we ate at the Gator Landing, underneath a Hammerhead Shark, and talked about the Discovery Educator Network. They were really excited to hear about this network and the opportunities it will be offering to educators. I mentioned the Spring Training Event, told them that we’d have a registration form up and running soon, and then proceeded to talk of other events.

Baseball_guy_holding_world_lg_nwm They were so excited about the upcoming events that I have received several emails from the group asking for the registration form! What’s even more amazing is that they will be on Spring Break during FETC! Karen and I are very excited about the Spring Training and the exclusive DEN Dinner with the National Blog Winners. We have had to change things a bit from the initial post, but we are ready to play ball!

First you need to download the invitation to Spring Training: Download fetcinvite.pdf . You need to review it to decide which three sessions you’d like to attend. Then you need to register for the event. If you are a DEN member and would like to attend the dinner, you need to RSVP by emailing me .

Due to space and time, we’ll only be able to accept 100 educators to attend the session. So quickly get your registration completed and RSVP for dinner!

Make sure you stop by the booth while you’re at the conference!


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  1. Christine Page said:

    I gave a 30 minute United Streaming introduction to my Lakeland Highlands Middle School faculty yesterday. The inservice was only a “teaser” before they attend their formal United Streaming training with their peer teachers. The faculty was excited about using this new resource to add to their classroom lessons.

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