DEN Members Take a Dive and go DEEP SEA in 3D

Today, I spent all morning training in sessions with DEN member Mark Jeffery and manager Susan Staat.  I was so bummed I didn’t get to take the plunge with the 40 DEN members and their families at an advanced screening of Deep Sea 3D and to make matters worse… wouldn’t ya know that the room I presented in had a huge mural of a sea scape on the outside! I took a picture in front of it and accidentally just deleted before I posted!  UGH!!! 

First of all a very special thanks to Elizabeth Andersen from THA and Warner Bros. for sponsoring this event and allowing us to attend for FREE!!!

To make myself feel better, I went to unitedstreaming this afternoon and found a Magic School Bus video about oceans (Magic School Bus Takes a Dive) along with 230 Videos, 1983 Articles, 4 Lesson Plans, 55 Calendar Events, 4 Clip Art, 403 images, and 33 quizzes.  How could you help prep your kids before seeing this movie utilizing our resources?

I was thrilled to receive some of your calls and a few emails about what a fabulous movie it was.  Overall, we had at least 150 DEN members, their fellow teachers, families (my mom and grandma were there!), and friends attend.  I will keep posting pictures to this blog as I receive them from you.

For now, I will let you post and tell all about the movie. So, please … make me very jealous… let’s hear about it!

Here’s one attachment I just received with pics… thanks Cypress teachers and Kimberly!

More photos just arrived from Kathy… thanks!

Download deep_sea_pics.doc

Svusd_and_sausd Networking Den_teachers_from_ousd_svusd_sausd All_the_way_from_fontana_and_anaheim Bantle_and_martin


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  1. Sharon Adams said:

    Oh, my gosh! The “Deep Sea” movie was fabulous! The 3D really made a difference! I liked how they really emphasized the BALANCE of nature, how each animal helps another, even when they are sometimes prey and predator. I was impressed with the “cleaning stations”! It was very educational and fascinating. Thank you for making this viewing possible for me. I think it should be a required showing for third graders and up!
    Sharon Adams, Taft School, Santa Ana, CA

  2. Regina Wagner said:

    The movie was fantastic. The 3D aspect really made you feel like you were scuba diving into the wonders of the deep. It was really fun watching the kids (and adults) there reaching out to try to touch those jelly fish as they swam by. You think that you have seen everything before until you see those crazy looking sea stars!! Many thanks for providing such a wonderful learning experience.
    Regina Wagner, Segerstrom High School, Santa Ana, CA

  3. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    Deep Sea in 3D was AWESOME! I invited my parents to join me and they too loved it! 🙂 It made me feel I was floating along with the sea life. There was an interesting clip about how coral reefs spawn just on one night under a full moon. It was extremely interesting. The cleaning stations for sea life were interesting and how each animal help out one another. My favorite was a school of fish surrounded by a shark for protection. My parents were impressed especially with the 3D effects. There words: “It had a relaxing, peaceful and calm feeling. It made you feel you were actually in the water.” My mom’s favorite part was the bouncing jellyfish. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Deep Sea is a great educational movie! We had a fantastic time. 🙂

  4. Belinda Solorzano said:

    Wow! Deep Sea by Warner Bros. was truly amazing. Those glasses usually bother me but I surpassed that feeling for a chance to venture down to the deep blue sea where incredible creatures exist. We saw sea turtles, jellyfish, a variety of smaller fish, and learned about the coral reef. It felt so real and it took me back to my youth. Thank you for the experience.

  5. Kathy Martin said:

    Hi Jannita,

    What a fun morning! My little family got to the theater bright and early. In fact, even the crows hadn’t arrived… but McDonald’s was open and theiroffee was hot. My girls enjoyed playing in the Turtle Fountain as we awaited the arrival of the IMAX crowd. Mark Bantle and his family were the first DEN folks to arrive, and shortly thereafter the line began to wrap around the building. We enjoyed meeting Regina, a high school biology teacher from Segerstrom HS, a new high school is SAUSD. As we stood around the fountain, we had fun laughing and exchanging stories about the wonders of middle-school and high school students.

    As I wandered down the line (and dragged my poor husband with me), we met teachers from Fontana (they deserve a prize for driving so far on a Saturday morning!), Anaheim and Orange Unified. I even ran into a teaching buddy from the past and her wonderful hubby, Kyle Russo, from Capo. Of course, we all posed for pictures and discussed our fabulous DEN fashions.

    The movie was beautiful! Throughout the film, hands continually reached out in an attempt to grab the 3-d fish. Danny Elfman’s score was terrific, and who can top Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet as narrators?

    The film was terrific, but the best part was having the opportunity to meet other DEN teachers from our area. I am looking forward to our next event and thank you and Elizabeth for organizing this one!

    (By the way, I never had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth. We were rushed into the theater pretty quickly… so please pass on my gratitude for such a super day!)

    Talk to you soon,

  6. Sandy Paul said:

    Every Cypress School District teacher I talked to today was thrilled by the generosity of Warner Brothers and Discovery Education for the opportunity to view Deep Sea in all its three-dimensional beauty. They were brushing seaweed away from their faces as they listened to the surprising sounds made by munching little sea creatures. The big question was – When is it coming out? Our teachers want to bring classes to the movie as a culminating experience for an oceanography unit!

  7. Wendy Davis said:

    The movie was amazing. I think those were the best 3D images I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them. The moon jelly fish scenes made me feel like I was swimming right in the middle of them all. I can’t wait to look through my teacher kit and start making plans to incorporate it into my class. Thanks for such an awsome opportunity!

  8. Mary Bolton said:

    I had a great time at the movie on Saturday. My neice(9) and nephew(11) enjoyed the movie too. They liked the turtle cleaning station/spa and so did I because it reminded me of our family vacations snorkeling in Maui. It was also great to see teachers and others outside of the school buildings which is also fun! Thanks for inviting us.

  9. Scott and Cindy Garland said:

    Deep Sea 3D was a great way to spend our Saturday morning. We had 4 elementary aged school children with us and they all loved it as much as we did!

    It was so very educational and entertaining 🙂

    Many elementary school teachers instruct children in learning about the sea, this would be a great resource to be able to share with students.

    Thanks again,

    Scott and Cindy Garland
    Santiago Elementary, SVUSD

  10. Mark Bantle said:

    What a great way to start the weekend. This was an impressive movie, and the 3d made it outstanding. My whole family enjoyed it. (shh, don’t tell them it was an educational film, too)

    As a teacher, the one word that I kept hearing was symbiosis.

    Any teacher studying this has a great reason for a field trip.

    I also kept thinking about the process to make this film. I did a search on google and found some sites on making your own 3D pictures.

    And even a camera attachment for 3d movies. $$$

    And check out the educators guide for the movie.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Mark Bantle

  11. Marie Belt said:

    Thanks for the opportunity Saturday to see this great movie! I took my grandson, who is four, as well as his great-grandma. Gabriel talked throughout the entire film! He was fascinated by the sea creatures and had questions about every one! It was fun to meet other DEN members (Gabriel kept pointing and saying, “Look, Grandma! Those people are wearing your shirt!”) Thanks again for this great opportunity!

  12. Karen Green said:

    My family thoroughly enjoyed the movie and learned so much also! Everyone I’ve seen since is jealous of my descriptions – thank you so much to everyone who made this movie and those who gave us the opportunity to see it!!!
    Karen Green
    Fullerton School District

  13. Jeanne Morris said:

    My son and I went to the show. We had a great time. My son is 11 and he spent much of his time reaching for floating jellyfish… The 3-D effects were fantastic. My son had to grab my arm when the squid attach started! It seemed like you were in the middle of all the action. Thanks for the great opportunity. I would love to attend more. Keep up the great work!

  14. Chuck Hobbs said:

    Please pass along my thanks to your friend Elizabeth for her generosity in allowing some members of my staff to attend the Deep Sea 3D preview. We had a total for 16 representatives from our school attend. They loved it! Lori, a kindergarten teacher raved, “The movie was FANTASTIC! The 3D made it funny throughout the movie because I looked around the theater and people were batting at things “flying” in front of their eyes! Of course, I enjoyed the ridiculous way we all looked in our glasses (I’m so mature). My favorite part was the explanation of the coral spawning at the same moment in time, 8 days after the full moon all over the place! That’s a total God-thing!” Another friend of mine that I gave a pass to is the head of a biology department at his highschool. He really liked the predator/prey relationships and the amazing coral. He said one of his favorite thing was watching the people responding to the Moon Jellies as they floated between their seats. It sounds like it was a great day, and I am so bummed I was out of town. Looks like I’ll have to mark my calendar and see this one when it comes out in general release.

  15. Lance Rougeux said:

    Awesome event! And, I envy the weather in your pictures. Great job, Jannita and I love the shirts.

  16. Shari Bithell said:

    What a great experience! It was so much fun to see all of the other DEN members out in full force at the theatre, everyone anxious to see the movie. Carol Anne walked around gathering people for pictures in our funny little shirts! ?

    The movie was definitely the highlight! As a sixth grade teacher I was very excited about this movie, as part of our science standards are studying habitats including food webs and the delicate relationships among all the creatures in a particular environment. Generally we explore the habitat around the mountains where we go to Outdoor Ed, but this year we are hoping to focus on the sea and then go on a field trip to this movie!

    The 3D effects were so amazing, you felt like you were right there with the sea creatures! The narration did a wonderful job explaining the delicate balance of the sea, and especially explored some of the symbiotic relationships amongst some of the creatures. How fun it will be to explore the habitats of the ocean, and then enter that environment with the aid of this movie! I am so glad that I participated in this activity; I can definitely see this enhancing my classroom! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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