Making New Friends in Modesto!

Etc_and_den_event_2006_001_1 It wasn’t just another Friday night in Modesto… it was a DEN event night!  Hero’s in Modesto was where heroes in teaching met and mingled and laughed (a lot!)  It was a hoot to meet teachers from Atwater and hear about their uses of unitedstreaming in their classrooms.  They are a lively bunch!  Etc_and_den_event_2006_002

While Mike Lawrence, Burt Lo and Hall Davidson, talked strategy for the Educational Technology Conference in Modesto, everyone enjoyed pizza and a variety of beverages and listened to some outrageous stories from our server Arika.


DEN member Kristy Lawrence (Ceres Unified) won a subscription to Discovery  Health Connection.  She shared her excitement with me (Susan) and Wayne from Stockton during our event.  Oh, what a night!


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  1. Colleen said:

    Sounds like a fun night! I use united streaming in my classroom. Wow! it is a great resource isnt it. The thing I like best is that they have short clips about 10-15 minutes long, so it doesnt take a whole class period to get a point across. I use united streaming all the time! Dont you love it? 🙂

  2. Susan Staat said:

    Hi Colleen! Thanks for the comment on our blog! I LOVED unitedstreaming as a teacher (and even better, my first graders LOVED it too!)

  3. Mike Lawrence said:

    It was a fun night – thanks for inviting me. I especially liked seeing the Google Earth demo and meeting Susan Staat for the first time! I look forward to working with her on future events.

    But how could you forget to mention that one extraordinary local resident we met? It will be hard to forget her adventures anytime soon. I have a whole new respect for furniture tassles.


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